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FridayNovember 24, 2017

Novo Nordisk Supports Employees Serving Our Country

Novo Nordisk

In early 2010, I was given notice that I’d be deployed to Iraq for a third time. Rebecca, my wife, JT our son and I had experienced this as part of my service before – but it would be the second time I’d be deployed since starting my career as a sales person in the pharmaceutical industry.

I was familiar with the company’s policies for full- and part-time employees serving in...


Seattle Job Fair... Or Not?

Cancelled Job FairWe've been told that the Seattle Job Fair that was supposed to be held at the Seattle Airport Hilton did not occur today.

To everyone who went out to the Hilton expecting a job fair, only to be met with nothing, we wish to apologize.


A Looming Enemy

Veteran JobsThe deplorable economic situation is well known to everyone, especially civilians. And it is for that reason that many, especially among the younger generations, are finding the military all the more appealing. And why not? The military offers food, shelter, clothes, education, and pay... something that's become only harder to find back home.

But what will be waiting for them when their military life is over?


Federal 90/10 funding rule for Veterans

With the help of a private sector university, a war veteran named Jesse Gray, owner of, was able to achieve his goal of graduating with honors, while also defending his country.  He was able to earn a college degree, while being deployed in war zones around the world and used his education to start a company...


Welcome to the New Veterans Enterprise

With a new look comes new features and content, but our mission remains the same: advancing the inclusion and advancement of U.S. veterans for America's workforce.

It is 2011. A new decade in a new millenium. But with it has sadly come new conflicts and wars. In our country's time of need its brave sons and daughters took up the call and fought where they were needed. But now they are finally coming home. And with their arrival they are shedding the fatigues and uniforms, dropping the armaments, and seeking to transition back into normal life.

They are looking for work.

While many companies actively recruit former servicemen and women there is still a staggering amount of unemployed veterans in our nation. And yet, soldiers are among the most prized of applicants to businesses and employers. Veterans are highly trained, motivated, disciplined, versatile, and leaders. Companies and corporations desire these skills and abilities for their workforce. So why is there this discrepency?

Because both employers and veteran job-seekers are often looking in the wrong place: namely not at each other.

This is why we display job listings and career opportunities for veterans, all from employers that are specifically hiring former soldiers. Now companies find the talent they're hoping to attract and our servicemen and women find work that appreciates them.

But veteran inclusion isn't just about job placement. Education is, and always will be, an all-important priority. Scholarships, open houses, college recommendations — these are all resources to be tapped. Countless organizations across the nation provide help benefits and programs for individuals in need. We gather these resources in one place for you. Check up on job fairs and career expos near you, find training and education, and stay up to date with the latest news. Education isn't just about schooling, it is about knowledge.

Job information and specifications, career listings, business advice, job-seeking tips, these are all bits of knowledge and in today's Information Age knowledge is power. We display the knowledge you need so you can take it as wisdom to the workplace.

Come. Learn. Thrive.

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