A Looming Enemy

Veteran Jobs

Veteran JobsThe deplorable economic situation is well known to everyone, especially civilians. And it is for that reason that many, especially among the younger generations, are finding the military all the more appealing. And why not? The military offers food, shelter, clothes, education, and pay… something that’s become only harder to find back home.

But what will be waiting for them when their military life is over?

Eventually all these new recruits have to come home. Their terms will end. Meanwhile servicemen and women are being scaled back in Iraq, and though conflicts flucuate in Afghanistan sooner or later those troops will come home too. And what will they find waiting for them? A homeland still in the grips of recession, if not all out depression.

Veterans already comprise an alarmingly high percentage of the unemployed and homeless. With nowhere else to turn, some even succumb to alcohol and drugs, the latter only strengthening the hold gangs and cartels have over people and nations.

We need jobs. We need to help our veterans. And we need to do something about the drug situation.

Samantha Maddox awaits her future. Credit: Rosemary DominguezSo what can we do? Can every vet successfully transition back into civilian life? Even if they could, is there anything left for them?

One of the more radical notions is to solve all three problems in one stroke. Re-employ veterans back into service, but not just any service. An organized force against drugs and the organizations that front them. Take the trained manpower available in the veterans seen on the streets and use it against drug-runners in ways the DEA can’t.

But is more “war” the best answer? I can’t say for myself. What do you think? Comment below.