Interview: Answering the question: “Tell me about yourself.”

You’re in that interview for the great position you never thought would come.

A frequently asked interview “question” is: “tell me something about yourself”. This open ended question can lead to an answer can perhaps be challenging for you. You certainly don’t want to reveal too much, but also don’t want to appear closed. And you can’t just regurgitate your resume

How to respond in the interview:

 When this question is asked to the veterans they often tell them about their job experiences, traits, and skills.

They can also tell about their background, about their success in various fields and in various projects.  They can further mention about their communication skills and their relationship with other people.

  • In this kind of interview, you should be prepared for the tough questions. There may be many unexpected questions so you should be calm and have to compose yourself in this situation and do not allow that question to rattle you.
  • A veteran can also tell the story of his life or career in a narrative way. Do not make fake stories about it, always be real in telling the truth. You can also tell about the research that you have conducted or noticed during your job.

You can share the events and can also tell about the reasons that have helped you a lot in achieving the goals of your life.

Unachievable goals:

You can make a start from high school till your retirement. Try describing the things that you wanted to achieve during your tenure. Include achievements not attained and share details behind this defeat. Because, with the successful stories, there are also many setbacks that you have to face. There can be things that you can tell them what you have learned from these failures and how you can overcome these hurdles.

Heart touching story:

There are many other things that can be difficult to address in an interview. Sometimes the questions are quite personal related to your personal life but if you feel comfortable then you can share it, like a veteran shared one heart touching story of his life such as once there was a situation he was a rising star and all of sudden his father fell seriously ill and he was living in another state and it was very difficult time for him to choose between his career and father because he had to leave the job then and moved to another state where his father was living.

He showed devotion to his job because military members have been trained to never leave your tasks and section whenever they need you the most. So he served his nation and unit and his father had also recovered. He managed his job by taking care of his father.


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