Inside the 2015 Issue:

Ten Best Employers for Transitioning Military Personnel

The leadership abilities, technical proficiency, and process management skills garnered from a career of military service are highly prized, regardless of the industry. However, these 10 organizations are positioned better than most to benefit from the aptitude and expertise of veterans.

Ten Best National Universities for Veterans

Education can be key to your success when transitioning from military to civilian life. While experience gained in military service will be beneficial in the job market, most truly desirable positions also require a college degree. These are the 10 best national universities for former military personnel.

Ten Best Tips for Veterans Entering the Job Market

You’ve got the skills, the drive, and the discipline to serve an employer well. Now all you have to do is get them to see it. These 10 tips will help you present yourself in your best light, giving you yet another leg up on the competition.

Ten Best Reasons to Hire Veterans

Finding the right person to fill a job opening can be challenging. Hiring former military personnel brings leaders who are experienced team players, capable of thriving under pressure. If you own a business, the best way to thank a veteran is hire one.

Inside the 2014 Issue:

Transitioning from Military Service to Private-Sector Success

Frank Bisignano’s work at First Data toward advancing opportunities for veterans is well documented and duly acknowledged. In a candid discussion, he offers insights to transitioning service people and companies seeking to employ them.

Principles of Excellence

In response to the growing problem of unaccredited schools taking advantage of veterans’ GI benefits, President Obama has issued a set of guidelines to provide veterans with a checklist to ensure the schools they choose are being all they can be.

Starting Over

Former Marine combat aviator Dayton Warfle, Jr. is now at Bank of America. As senior vice president of Military Affairs, and co-lead of BofA’s Military Support and Assistance Group, Warfle is helping veterans get a leg up on the financial services industry.

Success Story

Leveraging their military experience as U.S. Navy hospital corpsmen, Matt and Kristine Hayes own BrightStar Care of Mid-Missouri. The private duty home care and medical staffing franchise provides medical and non-medical services to clients within their homes and supplemental care staff to corporate clients.

Inside the 2013 Issue:

Chris Marvin’s Got Your 6

A veteran of Afghanistan, former Blackhawk pilot Chris Marvin is now working to help his fellow vets take on their next mission in life. Marvin has teamed with Hollywood to foster a movement to change the nature of the conversation around veterans in society.

Maximizing Benefits

These ten tips will help you maximize the effectiveness of both your college experience and help you best apply the G.I. Bill to your transition into civilian life.

Commanding Success

Former U.S Army Major Giovanni Feroce, now CEO of Alex and Ani, has turned that company into a lifestyle juggernaut with military command and control organizational disciplines.

Bootcamping Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, like military service, demands much. The good news is a lot of what you got from the military applies directly to business. Here’s where you can learn to do it.

Inside the 2012 Issue:

Joe Robles and USAA

Consistently listed among the top employers for veterans; the USAA has some very specific practices in place to ensure their success. USAA’s CEO Joe Robles tells us how it’s done.

Operation Enduring Opportunity

Providing big bucks for vets looking to enter the franchise industry.

The world isn’t coming to you, so you have to go to it

Here’s how to make civilian employers appreciate the uniqueness of your military perspective.

PTSD Isn’t the Monster It’s Made Out To Be

In most cases it’s very manageable. Here’s how employers can make sure PTSD vets have the best possible environment.

Inside the 2011 Issue:

From boots to Suits

In the military, many of life’s fundamental decisions are made for you. In civilian life, you’re expected to decide on your own. It can be a tough change to make, but Vernice Armour successfully negotiated it and now she’s helping other service personnel do it too.

Getting in it to win it

When it comes to careers, getting into the game is usually everybody’s first concern. However, getting into a career you love is how you win the game. Here’s how you do it.

Scholarships and Grants Guide

As thorough as your military training was, you might need to brush up on some specific skills to make you eligible for a larger salary. School costs money though, so here’s a list of resources to help you find some back-to-school cash.

Guide to Career fairs

Many employers are actively seeking retiring servicemembers for their companies. And they use career fairs to do it. Here’s how to find one near you.

Inside the 2009/2010 Issue:

Top Companies for vets

Some companies just talk about hiring vets. Others like Scheider National, Sprint, and Union Pacific do much more. We profile these three companies whose extra efforts help reduce the number of unemployed veterans while also providing viable career paths to transitioning military personnel.

VA setting new priorities

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki is reshaping the VA and setting bold new priorities to better serve the veteran community. Should a $125 billion dollar request be approved, the VA could be a 21st century organization.

he really does want you

The White House announces the launch of an initiative that is designed to transform the federal government into the model employer of America’s veterans. Working for your “uncle” could be your best move.

darkness to light: preventing vet suicides

When retired Army Maj. Ed Pulido was medically evacuated from Iraq in August 2004, he knew tough challenges were ahead as he’d have to learn to live without his left leg. But just when things were bleakest, he found the will to persevere. Now he shares his story with us to help other veterans from making an unnecessary sacrifice.

Inside the 2008 Issue:

creating careers

The State of California, state and local community colleges, and Stellar Micro launch a new Veteran’s Engineering Apprenticeship Program to fulfill the growing demand for engineers.

soldiers choose war over bleak economy

While many would prefer to return to civilian life, the lack of jobs and sour outlook for viable employment makes re-enlistment a more appealing option.

Reconstructing reliable careers

Proposed public works and infrastructure improvements at the state and federal levels translate into anticipated construction industry jobs. The Helmets to Hardhats program offers assistance to military vets in connecting with apprenticeships and jobs.

America’s heroes at work: making the transition from warrior to worker

When our soldiers leave their families to bravely fight overseas, we bid them farewell and thank them for their sacrifice. But when they return, is it right that all we give back to them is a hearty handshake and pat on the back for a job well done? What more can we do for them, especially for those who didn’t escape the frontlines unscathed? What can America do for its wounded warriors?

Inside the 2007 Issue:

Sharing a common vision

Mix special forces training, proven team building talent, a “can do” attitude, add a generous helping of drive & ambition and what do you get? Larry Broughton. The founder and CEO of a fast growing company with an eye not only on its future, but also on the future of its employees and the betterment of communities as a whole.

why we serve

Sharing military experiences with the American public injects a human element into events often conveyed through the cold glare of television’s nightly news.

little caesars gives vets opportunities

An Iraq veteran lost his legs, but never lost hope. He inspired the Little Caesars Veteran Program and today there are nine who call themselves franchise owners.

The 4th Annual National veteran Small Business Conference and Expo

This event, which is the largest conference of its kind nationwide, is sponsored by the Veteran Small Business Federal Interagency Council to provide Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBs) with a week of educational and networking sessions designed to help these businesses thrive.

Inside the 2006 Issue:

Winning the battle for good jobs

Every year over 180,000 officers and enlisted personnel transition from military to civilian life. Each has a varying degree of marketable skills. Candidates of this caliber are being sought everywhere, yet up to 60% of our former servicemen and women remain unemployed years after leaving the military. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are ways to take advantage of your military experiences to find these job opportunities.

Qualified then, qualified now

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) is developing unique programs to link transitioning military personnel with job vacancies in fields that need highly skilled and credentialed workers. By partnering with the private sector employers and unions, and by taking advantage of previously established federal/state linkages, these public-private programs create win-win situations.

Who, what, why, when – get all the answers

The largest source of security clearances is the military population. Once this group finishes their military career, they look for employment in fields such as commercial defense-related fields where they can utilize their expert military training and technical skills.

Inside the 2005 Issue:

From battlefield to business world

President/CEO Walt Blackwell heads The Veterans Corporation, an organization dedicated to helping veterans succeed as business owners. We profile his organization and see what others have to say about its effectiveness.

high on dry

George DeFazio has grown his Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise into a model for success. Veterans interested in becoming business owners already have the right tools they need, and franchises like George’s offer the right support to make that dream a reality.

Winning in the Job Market

The job market is undergoing a profound and long-lasting transformation. The days when someone could work for one company during his or her entire career and retire with a pension are long gone. Learn what’s happening now, and how you can best take advantage of it.

The gift of valor

Every day ordinary young Americans are fighting and dying in Iraq with the same bravery, honor, and sense of duty that have distinguished American troops throughout history. Author Michael M. Phillips follows the story of one Marine corporal Jason Dunham and his self-sacrifice in his book, The Gift of Valor.

Inside the 2004 Issue:

Securing the Homeland

Tom Ridge, Army staff sergeant and Vietnam veteran, congressman, governor and now the first Secretary of Homeland Security, has an unprecedented responsibility to protect America in the aftermath of terrorist strikes and ongoing terrorist threats.

Securing a career in homeland security

Barron’s Guide to Homeland Security Careers, by Donald B. Hutton and Anna Mydlarz, is a definitive guide to career opportunities within the newly formed Department of Homeland Security.

Business Savvy

Carlos Martinez, president and CEO of American G.I. Forum’s National Outreach Program, the nation’s largest Hispanic veterans employment and training organization, shares his strategies for success.

Freedom’s heroes

Established in 2001, America’s Veterans is developing The Living Wall ©, a traveling multimedia exhibit in tribute to all living veterans. It helps serve to educate the American public about veterans, their lives and struggles, and the continued sacrifices they make.