Balance between work-life: is it possible?

work life balance

Work-life balance is sometimes referred to as an illusion or being unattainable.

The experiences of life are seemingly more important for younger generations than money. They want technology and facilities to be flexible according to workplace trends. They need a flexible environment for working. A practitioner of work/life integration often select an opportunity to have a breakfast with the family, drop kids at school then go to work, have lunch in the afternoon, attend work meeting and then pick up kids from school and have a dinner with family. Before bedtime, jut respond to emails for few hours. Professionals have ability that they can shape their own workday. Work/life integration offers an ideal flexibility. You can make it beneficial for you by following the suggestions.

Make a schedule:

You should focus on your priorities by making a proper schedule. You can schedule different activities such as any lunch or dinner with the family.

Be flexible:

The best strategy in this situation is to be flexible and should accept that work may interrupt on your free time. That flexibility will help increase the perception of balance. 


You should coordinate with your family. You should prioritize the basic needs of your family. Work/life integration will play an important role in making your family richer and smoother.

Maintain boundaries:

Your mind and body needs rest from the hectic routine on daily basis for recharging them. You should manage time from your busy routine and responsibilities of job. You should engage yourself in healthy activities and focus on the people and activities you love the most.

Work with significant purpose:

Work/life integration can be achieved by keeping a target and setting a goal in mind that lead towards a happy and complete life. You should be careful about your actions that should be meaningful in all aspects of life. Whenever you want to work then just work with a meaningful purpose.

Benefit of your phone:

Invest in technology of mobiles and software that can be very helpful for you and can increase your ability to work effectively from any place and at any time.

Ideal work environment:

An ideal environment varies from person to person because it all depends upon the choices of variety of people. Some like to work in gathered areas like crowded offices but some want to work peacefully at home. People can work better when they feel comfortable and happy so they choose their workplace according to their comfort zone.

Change mindset:

Work/life integration is a mental game so if you feel stressed and depressed then you just star playing games to overcome such situations. Work is a natural part of life so you need to change your mindset in order to adjust in current environment. Every action is done by a mind so changing your opinion can make your life better than before.

Adjust expectations:

The people who want everything to be perfect should adjust their expectations because in life not everything can be perfect.


We all want a happy and peaceful life with meaningful relationships and work. For this purpose, work/life integrationand seeking that perception of balance plays a very important role in our lives. 


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