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GI Bill Comparison Tool Update

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)Last week (Veterans Day), we launched our most recent version of the GI Bill Comparison Tool.  We encourage you to take a look and test drive it:

By enhancing this tool, we hope to further empower Veterans by arming them with the information they need to navigate the volume of choices.

Success Ahead

8 Tips for a Successful Military to Civilian Career Transition

Success AheadIt’s always a good feeling to be surrounded by your family, safe and sound at home. Getting your ducks in order for your career transition may be somewhat tricky. You’re so used to the way you’ve been doing things, and now your landscape has drastically changed. Before you attempt to enter the civilian workforce, hit the ground with a functional plan.

Why Companies Don't Hire Veterans

Why Companies Don’t Hire Veterans (And What Can Vets Do About It)

Why Companies Don't Hire VeteransWhen it comes time to put your uniform away and begin transitioning into civilian life after years of military service, you may be feeling confident about your job prospects. After all, the military taught you a variety of valuable skills, including leadership and how to be a team player.You would be an asset to any employer.

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for veterans is much higher than that of the general population. That means there could be a disconnect somewhere between the skills valued military members offer and those that civilian employers are looking for.

Flickr Official U.S. Navy Imagery Sailors re roof the home of a WWII veteran and former Seabee

Top Organizations Providing Vocational Support for Veterans

Flickr Official U.S. Navy Imagery Sailors re roof the home of a WWII veteran and former SeabeeWhen a soldier returns home from time spent overseas, they may have a tough time sifting through the various resources available to them. While numerous organizations exist to help veterans readjust to civilian life, there are some more helpful for returning veterans striving to establish and build careers for themselves. Here are some of today’s top organizations helping veterans with vocational support in both traditional and unique ways.

Veterans Innovation Partnership (VIP)

More Slots Available in Veterans Innovation Partnership

Veterans Innovation Partnership (VIP)In August of last year there was a exciting opportunity for Veterans who have or are in a Master’s degree program. This program is the Veterans Innovation Partnership (VIP), a new public-private alliance platform aimed at serving America’s veterans and separating service members by preparing them for diplomacy and development careers, providing education and employment resources and expertise while enhancing America’s global leadership. Last year The State Department received over 1600 applicants, with 22 VIP fellowships chosen. This year the number of fellowships will increase to 40. The following provides more detail information regarding eligibility and the application process.  

Department of Veterans Affairs

Communities of Interest

Department of Veterans AffairsThe Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to providing Veterans every opportunity they have earned.  We bolstered our efforts during the implementation of the new Transition Assistance Program.  We now have permanent Benefits Advisors at 106 military installations serving over 270 disparate bases ensuring we can have a global presence in our military installations.