Here’s how you can try to change your luck

You can change your luck with a few tips

Try these strategies and you may change your luck:

Let’s face it. With your background of serving uniform, you know that success completion of the mission (your work assignment) depends less on luck (waiting for your team to figure it out) and more on taking charge and leading (doing what it takes to get the desired outcome)

Speaking of  which… it is St. Patrick’s Day. So many people look forward to green beer, corned beef and green rivers (think Chicago). They may even take their chances on winning a bit o’ treasure playing the lottery. When it comes to your work or your own business do you really want to leave it up to luck?

Luck is actually more of a simple, philosophical way of explaining the outcome of notable events, be they desired or undesired or even more… improbable. When it comes to your career success, you may be able to have some input on that, and create yor own success.. or luck. Whatever you want to call it…our sister blog at Equality Magazines can help you create your own luck by doing your best with some tips to affect the outcome. Read the full piece here.

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And… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!