Omega Helps Veterans Build Resilience in the Face of Trauma


OmegaOpportunity for Veterans to Learn Complementary & Alternative Healing Modalities in Safe Environment: Scholarships Available for Four Upcoming Retreats

RHINEBECK, NY –According to the New York Times and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there has been an escalation in suicide and homelessness among veterans since the United States withdrew thousands of troops from Iraq in 2011. Today, Omega Institute announced it would offer A Retreat for Veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan, May 14-19, in addition to three subsequent retreats for veterans of any war. Scholarships are available for all four retreats, two of which are for men, while the other two will address the unique needs of women veterans.

“Too often veterans face life-altering effects of post-traumatic stress and related trauma as they grapple to reintegrate, and their families struggle with how to move forward on tight resources and with limited health care,” said Carla Goldstein, chief external affairs officer at Omega. She further explained, “Working with veterans for more than 20 years, Omega has seen firsthand the difference complementary and alternative healing modalities can make in helping people heal, build resilience, and find hope again.”

Veterans, Trauma, & Resilience Retreats at Omega in 2017:

A Retreat for Veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan  (May 14-19, For Men Only),  with Chaplain Steve Torgerson, Barton Buechner, and Howard Levene; by application only. Designed to help veterans alleviate the psychological, relational, and spiritual injuries of war, this program is open to eligible post-9/11 male veterans.

Veterans Yoga Retreat for Men  (June 18-23, For Men Only),  with Annie Okerlin, RYT, and Nicholas Caris, RYT; by application only. Research shows that yoga and relaxation practices help veterans reintegrate after the challenging experiences of military service. In this yoga retreat for male veterans, participants will learn techniques to comfort the body, ease the mind, and promote healing.

Healing From Military Trauma  (June 25-30, For Military Women & Women Veterans), with Lori S. Katz, PhD; by application only. The impact of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) has lasting effects on the mind, body, and spirit. This retreat offers a safe and healing environment for participants to explore facing and releasing traumatic stress and increasing resilience.

Veterans Yoga Retreat for Women  (September 10-15, For Women Only),  with Annie Okerlin, RYT; by application only. In this yoga retreat for women veterans, participants gain skills to nourish and strengthen both body and mind, while also increasing resilience and promoting healing.

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