Paperless Care Coordination

Paperless Care Coordination

Paperless Care CoordinationThis holiday season, we are thankful for paperless care coordination of electronic health records between the Department of Veterans Affair’ (VA) and your participating community care providers!

 By electronically sharing your record with participating providers through the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE), your participating community care providers can better manage your care, so you and your family will not need to request and carry paper medical records from one health care provider to another.

Examples of other potential benefits of paperless care coordination using VHIE include:

 “Care Coordination at its Best”

A Veteran, traveling on vacation became ill and was transported to the emergency room.  While receiving emergency care, the doctors were able to see the Veteran’s VA health record where the community provider was able see the patient’s health summary, which included immunizations, labs, allergies, and medications list – preventing drug interactions and possible misdiagnosis.

“Within a Few Days of Her Hospital Admission”

Recently at a VA facility, a maternity patient receiving prenatal care from a participating Community Care Provider was able to access the Veteran’s VA health records quickly, securely, and electronically. The participating Community Provider was able to view and access the patient’s hospital admission and discharge summary. Because the Veteran gave VA permission to share her electronic health record with VHIE ensuring both providers were able to view and better manage her health care. 

We encourage you to sign up today, to share your VA health record with your participating community care provider!  Learn more about how the Veterans Health Information Exchange is simplifying Veterans healthcare at