Part-time Jobs That May Soften Your Transition

Flexible part-time jobs may be just what you need

Your military experience can help you get your next weekend part-time job, which could even turn out to be fun!

Any person who has excellent teamwork skills and can follow directions and dedicated to his or her work is the desirable choice for any employer. Veterans retire or leave active duty, and some don’t want to stay at home for the rest of their life. Many want to start working one way or another. There are thousands of work opportunities for everyone in the United States. Some might wish to work on weekend part-time jobs to earn some extra kitchen income.

Depending on their military background and the skillset veterans may have the luxury of choosing from many weekend part-time jobs. It may be hard to choose, too.  How much you can earn and what skills a veteran may have will be the best match? Veterans often take a job after they retire or separate from active duty. Sometimes the pay is not enough, and to cover that they can fill-in the gaps with weekend relaxed and flexible jobs. There are many types of jobs a veteran can opt for and even enjoy it on weekends. Especially if the work is something that you do as a hobby.

Become a Modern-Day Driver:

Do you like driving like a veteran? Are you familiar with the roads of town? If yes, then there are a lot of flexible ways you can earn just by driving for people. Today’s driving jobs are flexible enough that you can make your schedule for work hours. You have the option to choose to work for companies like Uber, Lyft, UPS, and Amazon Flex. A delivery driver is also one of the best weekend jobs which are paid on an hourly basis.

Consultant or Freelancer:

Many companies hire people with specific skills for projects that are related to their abilities. Many other organizations, when going for downsizing they tend to look for freelancers to fill their gap or complete their requirements. There are many online platforms like PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, and Upwork, where anyone can get registered and start giving their services to people who need them. On such a platform, all you do is make a strong profile, and people will start finding you. It is one of the best ways a veteran can earn not just on weekends but daily. Anyone can commit their 1 or 2 daily hours for this freelancing work. These are quite possibly the most enjoyable set-up for part-time jobs anywhere.

Customer Service:

One of the best weekend jobs a veteran can do is getting into the customer service field. Many “Help Desk” jobs require the knowledge and communication control and vast experience of handling all kinds of situations. And a veteran who can sit around and talk can apply for such jobs that only need you to work on weekends.

Management Consultant:

It is a kind of job that requires great confidence, extra fast and accurate decision making, and persons who know how to handle people and resources. Management consultants or management analysts help organizations in identifying and making strategies for reaching their goals. Any veteran who has experience in managing people or resources can usually find a good fit and make your own schedule.

Bottom line:

The bottom line is there are many other jobs that a veteran can do on weekends for extra or kitchen income. But some people don’t want to sit around, and that is why they look for such jobs. Identify your likings and hobbies and find jobs that you may enjoy working on and spending time at such jobs, even it is just part-time.


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