Remote Work: Are You a Good Fit?

working at home is more common recently

Finding and Getting a Remote Work Position 


Increasingly, a larger number of  jobs can be done from beyond a fixed office or other work location these days and today’s veterans are able to capitalize on this they seek work in the civilian sector. What practices should professionals make use of to locate as well as land a remote working assignment?


Is A Remote Job Right for You?


At Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, Andrew Meadows is the senior vice president of HR, brand and society. He says 80% of the staff members work remotely in places around the nation. He’s favored remote work for some time. He feels that with improvements in innovation, nearly any kind of work might potentially be remote. Even if it’s not mentioned in the posting, you should ask at the interview. 


Looking at Ubiquity’s remote work rules reveal three main points:

  • Brief ‘em to death – near constant communication
  • Make sure you’re accessible throughout the day
  • Execute


Just as not every job will certainly be conducive to remote work (retail staff, for example), not every person will actually feel remote working to be satisfying or right for them. Business Insider  talks about eleven different qualities effective remote workers need. 


They are:

  • Communicate clearly regardless of the medium they’re using (e.g. email, phone, video conferencing)
  • Keep to a routine
  • Make maximum use of organizational and productivity tools
  • Create a space to focus on work
  • Develop a sense of structure outside of a traditional work environment
  • Avoid over-analyzing social cues when communicating with team members
  • Separate themselves from distractions or other people while working
  • Welcome new methods of working and communicating
  • Remain focused on task and project completion even when dealing with differences in time zones or schedules
  • Connect with colleagues on a personal level
  • Build a network beyond the remote workspace


The highest value for remote roles is reliability. The best way to do that is to know the details and tasks of that specific position inside-and-out. And, to have as much experience as possible with that specific role. 


It can be especially helpful to share instances of past remote roles that you have actually held as well as just how you have actually been able to be successful in them, Meadows suggests. “Mentioning that you have an in-home workplace and that you’ve functioned from another location in the past is essential,” he says. “Explaining a remarkable job you have actually completed where the team wasn’t centrally located is a fantastic means to show effectiveness.”


Development in Remote Job Opportunities


According to FlexJobs, since 2005 remote work has seen 159% growth. Over the past five years alone the rate has been a whopping 44%. Remote jobs often tend to be most common for positions that entail knowledge work and that pay higher rates. They might include software application design and also bookkeeping as 2 instances. IT-related jobs and graphic layout and also other creative development roles likewise frequently gravitate to remote employees partly since the pool of available talent can be more competitive regionally.


The ability to recruit leading ability from a wider geographical space is a big benefit to companies and something that veteran job applicants can leverage to their advantage.


See To It the Company is Legit.


These days it’s fairly easy to do a history search to figure out whether a firm is genuine or otherwise. Check out the company’s website as a beginning factor. While it’s fairly easy for nearly anyone to put up a credible-looking website, there are some signs to watch out for that could show that a site– as well as the business it represents– might not be credible.


A great deal of internet sites you find for remote working or freelancing could be fake, according to Gargi Rajan, at Mercer|Mettl, an HR technology and talent firm where he is head of HR. To decrease the odds that you walk into a non-legitimate opportunity, he suggests inspecting their credentials on “testimonial sites, social media internet sites or LinkedIn.”.


Glassdoor is an example of one popular website where you can discover reviews left by existing and former companies. While adverse reviews may just be a variable of “sour grapes” amongst previous staff members, checking out comments will certainly give you a sense of consistency and aid you determine any type of fads that may stick out– either positively or negatively.


Think About Tax Obligation Ramifications.


Some remote employees are considered to be full time workers of a company; others are not. Be sure to clarify with any type of potential company– or customer– whether you will be considered a worker or contractor and, if a service provider, take steps to make sure that you are setting aside cash to pay for taxes you might owe at the end of the year.


In today’s technology-enabled environment there are sufficient possibilities to go after work in non-traditional means– consisting of working from another location for firms that might actually be located throughout the world.


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