Six Reasons For Becoming A Trucker

Deciding which career path to go down can be extremely daunting, you are potentially choosing what profession to do for the rest of your working life. Career services are seemingly everywhere giving you bucket loads of advice which can often be overwhelming to inexperience job seekers. But have you ever considered a career as an truck driver? A lot of Veterans are trained to drive most vehicles, and trucking is a great career to consider when you have left the military. Here are six reasons why you should:

1. You can literally work anywhere in the world – truckers work all over the Globe – and if you work as an over the road driver you can continue to travel whilst you work! Not many professions give you the opportunity to regularly travel to other countries, but as a driver you get the opportunity every single day

2. Working in an office you are around the same (boring?) people day in day out, truckers meet new people every day – both interesting and ordinary. Truckers always have the best stories to tell about the people they have met during their job.

3. No office politics! Cliques don’t stay at high school, they follow you to the office…get away from all the drama and hit the road.

4. You can listen to music all day long out on the open road singing along with no one around to hear you – what isn’t to love about that?

5. Despite the stereotypical slander, truckers can be fit and healthy. Multi-drop drivers for example have physically demanding jobs and it keeps them in good shape.

6. Without truck drivers the world would come to a standstill….In America 70 percent of their goods are transported by lorries – what would they do with no drivers?!

It clearly isn’t your typical 9-5 job and we like to think that’s a good thing. Being a heavy goods vehicle driver is a skilled profession with no danger of being made redundant anytime soon. It isn’t as simple as you learn to drive an HGV and that is that, there are a huge number of different types of trucks and the loads that they carry. Truckers can specialise in a number of different areas.

[This post is from Milestone Operations, a U.K.-based recruitment company specialising in HGV jobs that motivate, stimulate, and reward.]