Sharp Decisions

Sharp Decisions Fund Job Creation for Returning Vets

(NEW YORK, NY) March 11, 2013 — A visionary entrepreneur, Karen Ross CEO of Sharp Decisions, is making a difference for veterans who’ve served in the U.S. Armed Forces who are returning to a tough job market. Sharp Decisions is making an initial $250,000 investment—which is projected to run into the millions—to help military veterans […]

VETS 2012

VETS 2012

VETS2012 brings government agencies, industry leaders and Veteran entrepreneurs together in a small, intimate forum to discuss issues affecting Veteran-owned companies. “Can doing business with the government be frustrating, difficult and tedious? You bet.” “Is it worth the trouble? Absolutely, and here is what you need to know…”

Corporate Soldier

Qualified Then, Qualified Now

The U.S. Department of Labor has seen the need to link employers to veterans in a way that maximizes the returns that both sides receive. What is making it successful? Participation by major companies, corporations and labor organizations. To us, these are matches made in heaven.