Technology is a must-use tool to promote your new business

Entrepreneurship Quizzes

Entrepreneurship QuizzesIf you’re starting a new business, technology can be your most helpful marketing tool. In his new book, Entrepreneurship Quizzes, author John J. Liptak, Ed.D., discusses the best ways to use technology to benefit your business.

“Technology is particularly useful in sales and marketing efforts,” Liptak said. “Sales and marketing can be a time-consuming practice that will challenge both your patience and persistence.…But the Internet has made the marketing of start-up businesses much easier.”

Here are some of Liptak’s tips to effectively use technology for your new venture:

  • “Use email blasts to communicate rapidly and easily with your customers, suppliers and collaborators around the world.”
  • “Use desktop publishing software to develop brochures, business cards, newsletters and other promotional materials.”
  • “Develop a business website to sell products and services easily and inexpensively. When you develop your business website, remember to make it attractive and easy to use, keep all of the content on your pages current, create a newsletter customers can sign up to receive, make it easy for customers to purchase your product or service, and offer some type of e-commerce option.”
  • “Blog about your industry or business to create a buzz that stimulates customer buying and establishes you as an expert in your specialty area. Through blogs, you can get in front of your potential customers many times before they even get to your website to purchase your product or service.”
  • “Use the power of social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to drive new traffic to your website and link new sites to yours.”

“Given the power of the Internet, there are millions of customers waiting to be reached and attracted to your product or service,” Liptak said.

Source: JIST Publishing