The Job Search: How Long Does It Take?

Even in a tough job search market, veterans have some advantages

The Job Search: How Long Does It Take?

Previously we took a brief look at veterans transitioning back to civilian life and how they can get a job and choose a career and “How long does it take to get a job?” If there’s one answer that’s consistent… it depends.

Veterans spent a significant part their lives taking risks for the country and safety of the people of United States of America.  Ideally they will have a smooth go of settling in and returning to civilian life. They have a variety opportunities available to them, to facilitate the the job search process. Veterans should consider their unique situation when they start creating a timeline for the job search. The average amount of time it takes to get a job depends on experience, demand, and sometimes plain old good luck. Some people find employment within a few days, while others stay unemployed for several months without any interview call.

Hiring process:

Several applicants can participate in the interview process consisting of many interviews either through phone, Skype, Zoom and maybe individually. If a company asks for an interview through video, then make sure what software or app they want to use, schedule the meeting and also make sure you have access to a private location.

You will come to know about the next interview after a first interview. The manager will inform you about the decision about whether the next meeting will be arranged or not.


How long until should you expect to hear back about a job?

The most difficult and worst period of life is to wait for an interview call during a job search. You have polished your resume, you have written a cover letter, and you have applied for a specific post. But when a week has passed and you have not heard anything about it, then you probably ask yourself two questions.

  • One is, how long should I wait?
  • Second is, what should I do in the meantime?

Unfortunately, the answer to the first question is it all depends upon and situation because you are not the only one who is facing this situation, many other people are facing the same situation. As for the second, continue looking. It’s far more desirable having the choice of multiple offers. 


There are many other influencing factors. When you set some goals for your future, then you should have to be motivated and should use different appropriate strategies for job search. It would help if you thought about the various characteristics from where you can get a job sooner. The factors influencing how long it takes for you to get a reasonable job are the following:-

  • Better Economic conditions
  • Advanced Location
  • Successful Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Length of employment
  • Quality of materials
  • Methods of job search
  • Professional network.

Economic conditions:

The national and local economy significantly affects how long it will take you to find a job. When you search for a job during a recession, it will take more time as compared to when you search for a role in a booming economy. These kinds of conditions can also affect the availability of the type of jobs as people utilize more money on basic needs rather than on luxuries and enjoyments.


The location has a significant impact on the job search because the availability of jobs is higher in big cities than in small towns; they have many competitive positions that are not available in rural areas. In less dense areas, job opportunities are a little more sparse. So, moving towards the more populated areas could bolster your job search. Also, taking the extra effort to let prospective employers know you’re willing to relocate.


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