The Secret to Earning an Interview With Every Application

Interview Secrets

Interview SecretsEarning an interview with any company requires that you have a strong understanding of the company itself, the position you’re applying for, and a top-notch resume. These three pieces come together to decide if you’re contacted for an interview or not. Finding all of this information requires a lot of legwork and searching, but there are ways to streamline this search and polish your resume to perfection.

Today I’m going to show you how to build up these three aspects of your application and your employment potential. In the end, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

Step One: Learn About The Company

When employers are looking for someone to hire, they want someone who knows about the company and its culture. They don’t want someone who has never heard of them before, or worse, doesn’t care.

So, this is where research comes into play. By looking up information on the company’s history and perusing their website, you can gather valuable facts to mention in a cover letter for example. This information will also benefit you when you decide to follow up with a hiring manager or representative as you can start a short conversation about the company and what you like about it.

Once your interview comes up, bring all of your knowledge to the table to really impress the interviewer. This will also help you see how your personal brand lines up with the company’s brand.

Step Two: Learn About The Job Position

Looking at a job description page is something we’ve all done a hundred times in the past, but have you ever really looked at it? There’s a wealth of information in there that you can use to decide what you keep and leave out of your resume.

For example, You should ask yourself how the elements on your resume relate to your job description. A great tip is to tailor your resume based on what the position calls for and the skills it asks you to bring to the table.

If you have anything in your prior experience that relates to the current job position, be sure to make it prominent in both your resume and your cover letter. For example, in your letter you could say that you will use the skills you learned at the previous position to better yourself in this new role.

By fully reading the job description and using that information to tailor both your resume and cover letter, you show that you’re more than qualified for the position at hand.

Step Three: Create The Perfect Resume

The final piece of the puzzle is making a great resume for yourself. This is where you’ll want to apply everything discussed above, along with any major accomplishments. When I say major, I mean things like awards or the ability to speak several languages fluently. These are worth putting on your resume.

If you don’t have anything like that, don’t sweat! Save the space for more of your experience or skills. Now that you’re ready to start learning and applying, check out Eapplicants for information on all of today’s major companies and what they’re looking for in the positions they offer.

Anything you would add for earning an interview? Let us know in the comments!