Vetrepreneurship Round Up

Vetrepreneurship Round Up

Vetrepreneurship Round UpTransitioning from a tour of duty with any branch of the military takes hard work and discipline. While it can be difficult for military veterans to transition back into civilian lifestyles, the dedication and self-control they have learned in the military is often highly transferable to the world of business. Starting a new business requires leadership skills, and the ability to calmly navigate stressful situations to make logical decisions and achieve goals.

The United States Government, along with many private organizations, has recognized that military veterans make excellent businesspeople. Even veterans who aren’t interested in starting their own companies have great potential for success in civilian businesses, and there are dozens of sites working to match dynamic private companies with military veteran employees. The U.S Small Business Administration provides resources for any small business owner in the U.S., and some of their materials are specifically tailored to military veterans. Private organizations are working to promote the success of veteran-owned businesses as well by providing:

  • Business loans, grants and financial advice
  • Skills training and professional networking services
  • Legal services

There is a world of resources online for motivated “vetrepreneurs” looking to start or grow their own business, or just seeking employment as they transition back into civilian life. Listed here, in no specific order, are some of the most useful and reputable sites for veteran entrepreneurs.

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