What Are the Best Jobs for Veterans?

It’s hard enough for some veterans to come home after serving the country, but returning without job prospects is even harder. In a struggling economy, finding work can be difficult. Fortunately, a person’s military experience will provide him or her with invaluable job skills that can in turn be used to secure a good-paying, rewarding career.

Best Jobs for Veterans

Unsurprisingly, government jobs are some of the most common careers for veterans. People in the military are already familiar with the workings of government and military institutions, giving them an advantage over civilians. Aerospace, weapons development, and government jobs are all very popular.

Veterans don’t have to choose a career with the government. Other popular industries include IT, engineering, technical writing, human services and medical skills. Here are some of the most popular and highest-paying careers for veterans:

  • FBI Agent. The military hones a person’s critical thinking skills and teaches people to stay calm in the face of danger, two key traits for success in the FBI. Of course, not all veterans will want this job or qualify for it, but they do have an advantage over civilians when pursuing this career. For people who make it, a career with the FBI will earn around $77,000 per year.
  • IT Consultant. Information technologies is a major industry, and with ever-advancing technology in every facet of our lives, it’s in constant demand. With so many military tasks requiring technological knowledge and competency, quite a few veterans are leaving the military with the tools they need to succeed in the IT field. Veterans with an interest in networking and IT can expect to earn as much as $74,000 per year.
  • Helicopter pilot. This skill is invaluable to emergency response teams across the country, creating a high demand for people with helicopter experience. Veterans who use their military helicopter training to fly professionally can earn around $58,000 a year.
  • Technical writer. Tech industries are some of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in the country, and it’s not just engineers and computer analysts that can break into this field. Veterans with concise writing and communication skills can make about $54,000 a year as technical writers.
  • Fireman. For many veterans, entering the military was a way to help people, and that desire to help civilians makes them excellent emergency service responders. It also helps that many newly-returned veterans are in peak physical condition, making a firefighting career easy to slip into. Firemen make around $41,000 a year.

Of course, this is just a sampling of the careers available to veterans. Depending on a person’s interests, skills, physical abilities, and education level, a wide variety of careers are available. Veterans who take advantage of education opportunities have the widest array of jobs to choose from; going back to school can open up a world of possibilities in nearly every field.

Best Jobs for VeteransUltimately, the best job for a veteran is one that the veteran will enjoy and be passionate about. By analyzing your skills and interests and finding a job that will match your abilities and your income requirements, you can find the best career to support you throughout your future.

Timothy Bishop blogs about higher education, including opportunities for veterans who are looking to secure higher paying jobs. If you have recently returned from service, Timothy recommends checking out the best degree for military veterans.