Work-life integration: make the switch from “balance”

work-life integration rather than balance

Maybe work-life integration and life is a better approach than work-life balance.

Through many technological tools, new significant ways have created that develop alternate ways for work schedule flexibility. You feel difficulty in balancing work and life and it can be a struggle and confusing for some people. Maybe a better way to think about it is to strive for work-life integration. Get them to work together instead of compete. Some people spend most of their time at office and due to their hectic routines they completely ignore their family, friends and other important activities. While on the other hand, some people give most of their time to personal life and cause their job to suffer. You should focus less on balancing and more on integrating the basic needs of your life. 

Surround yourself with an ideal team

You should surround yourself with an ideal team whom you give respect, trust and enjoy working with because a huge time you have to spend with your coworker so you should be highly selective in choosing the right team for you.

The benefits of work/life integration are listed below:-


You can pay attention to all your important areas of life through work-life integration.

More realistic

You should manage your work according to the workplace trends and also your home. If the balance is altered then you have to work overtime.

New outlook on work

Your personal life and work are combined that make your life easier and you can spend time with your family while working from home is a great advantage.

Prioritizing for both work and daily life

You can manage your tasks and maintain a schedule according to your needs and flexibility.

Examples of  work-life integration 

  • Having  breakfast with the family
  • Answering emails from home
  • Going for exercise or to walking clubs during the work day
  • Taking your child to work after school
  • Being sponsored by your business so you can take a course in something you would love to do or passionate about.

How to achieve work-life integration

Work-life integration can be achieved by your ability that actually depends on the degree of flexible working allowed by your company or according to the workplace trends. Before deciding how to work you should know about the policies and expectation then you can work effectively.


Working flexibility is a business imperative. The best strategy in this situation is to be flexible and should accept that work may interrupt on your free time. Providing people with flexibility is enough for them to meet their personal and professional goals. The people who want everything to be perfect should adjust their expectations because in life not everything can be perfect. You should set work hours and set boundaries for managers that they can only call in work hours.

If you want to live a happy and peaceful life with meaningful relationships and work then for this purpose, you should strike a balance between being connected and available to your company and the freedom that comes with flexible working. Work/life integration plays a very important role in your lives. 


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